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Virtual Tour Photography 360 Prices

Mario Carvajal Fotografia 360 y Tours Virtuales para Hotelería y TurismoVirtual Tours made with 360 photographs are an excellent alternative for broadly showing the features of a place. It is an interesting platform to sell businesses such as hotels, tourist attractions, travel services, restaurants, shops, travel agencies, architects and real estate. What does this cost? What features does a virtual tour include? Who are our customers? Let us introduce you to our services

Virtual Tour and Photography 360 Prices

The price of a virtual tour depends on the number of pictures that comprise a tour (360 degrees). How many pictures should be taken to provide an engaging tour? We invite you to view a free consultation to determine the total number of pictures that would constitute a tour. For instance, the example of hotel: how many types of rooms are characteristic of a particular property? How many public spaces such as restaurants, entertainment spaces, the reception area? Is there a pool, wet area, spa, retail and services areas?

In general, for a small hotel, one could possibly make a complete virtual tour of 360 degrees with twelve to twenty photos. For larger hotels, the number of photos might be two or three times that number.

360 Virtual Tour
1 Photo
USD $199
A 360 spherical photograph, interior or exterior, from 3 ft to 6 ft in height (semi-aerial). USD$199 is the value for such a photo with Basic Features.
  Basic Features
  Advanced Features
360 Virtual Tour
2 through 10 Photos
Virtual Tour 2-10 photographs, interior and exterior from 1 ft to 6 ft in height (semi-aerial). USD $159 is the value for each photograph.
  Basic Features
  Advanced Features
360 Virtual Tour
11 through 50 Photos
Virtual Tour 11-50 photographs, interior and exterior from 1 m to 6 m in height (semi-aerial). USD$139 is the value for each photograph
  Basic Features
  Advanced Features
360 Virtual Tour
50 photos or more
Virtual Tour of 50 or more 360 photographs, interior and exterior, from 1 m to 6 m in height (semi-aerial). USD$99 is the value for each photograph
  Basic Features
  Advanced Featuress

Featuring a Virtual Tour 360

You can move a cursor over features for additional views and information:


  • Completely spherical Photography
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Integration with social networks
  • Hosting
  • Installation on your website
  • SEO Optimization


  • Available in Google Earth
  • Special effects
  • Google Maps
  • Contact Points
  • Integration with still photography


  • Inclusion of an architectural plan
  • A personalized template design
  • Sub-generation tours

Photography and Virtual Tours 360. What is a 360 Degree Virtual Tour?

In this brief video of 60 seconds, we are demonstrate what 360 spherical photography offers. Do not miss it!


Many companies in the fields of tourism and hotels have used our virtual tours to enhance the presentation of their services to the public. Some of those who have used this engaging photographic service, both government and in the private sector, include:

Logo Hoteles Wyndham Fotografia 360

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Logo de Proexport Colombia Tour Virtual 360

Logo Hoteles Dann

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Logo Hoteles Estelar

Logo Hotel Spiwak Tour Virtual 360

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Logo Academia de Fotografia en Bogota Zona Cinco

Logo Hotel Casablanca San Andres Panoramicas 360

Logo Hotel Bahia Sardina San Andres

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Logo TravelCamp Colombia Foto 360

Logo Hotel San Luis Village

Logo Almacenes Pronto

Logo LTY Operadora Turística Foto 360

Logo Hotel Stancia Cali pano 360

Logo Hotel Dann Cali

Logo Hacienda Combia

Logo Fina Hotel Bosque del Samán  Foto 360

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Logo Hotel Tivoli Suites pano 360

Portfolio 360 Photography and Virtual Tours

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